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The difference between nail polish and gel polish

Published by 2019-09-29

Nail polish: also known as "nail paint", "nail oil". Its main component is 70%-80% volatile solvent, about 15% nitrate Cellulose, a small amount of oily solvent, camphor, titanium dioxide and oil-s...

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Development prospect of nail oil adhesive industry

Published by 2019-09-16

Development prospect of nail oil adhesive industry shared by Gel Polish china factory. Armour oil glue, light cure glue, crystal powder is synthetic resin, not what natural resin, tell the truth na...

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We are attending the 53rd Guangzhou China International Beauty Expo

Published by 2019-09-05

The 53rd guangzhou beauty expo Guangzhou beauty expo time: September 5-7, 2019 Guangzhou beauty expo location: Guangzhou ● China import and export fair zone A, B, C & nanfeng international conv...

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What are the types of gel polish?

Published by 2019-09-03

What are the types of Gel Polish? 1 Painted glue High color saturation, one-color color, suitable for painting with flower-painted pens and paint trays, can replace painted pigments, can also be us...

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