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How to distinguish good gel polish?

Published by 2019-12-06

There are so many brands of gel polish on the market, with mixed fish and dragons, it is easy to buy inferior products. Today the gel polish china factory will teach you how to distinguish the qual...

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Nail Polish vs. Gel Polish: Which damage is less?

Published by 2019-11-20

Today's nail industry is constantly evolving, and nail products are also being upgraded. So do you know the difference between nail polish, gel polish and phototherapy nails? Do you know which way ...

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How to make gel polishing nail polish remover?

Published by 2019-11-14

Purple nail gel polish wholesaler said some steps for making gel polishing nail polish remover : 1. delete your old nail polish. Dip the cotton swab into the nail polish remover, and even clear, yo...

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The Relevant Technical Presentations of Gel Polish

Published by 2019-11-08

The three step gel supplier introduced the gel filtration chromatography: Gel filtration chromatography is a technology for elution and separation based on the molecular sieve of porous network str...

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