Introducing RONIKI's Spectacular 3rd Quarter Lineup for 2023

November 06, 2023

Get ready to be captivated by a world of colors, effects, and innovative beauty with RONIKI's sensational 2023 Q3 collection. Our latest creations are set to redefine beauty standards, promising a transformative experience for beauty enthusiasts everywhere.


**1.   Fantasy Sprite Cat Eye Gel - 12 Enchanting Colors**

Dive into the mystical world of cat-eye nails with our Fantasy Sprite collection.   These 12 mesmerizing colors will leave you spellbound.


**2.   Light Bulb Cat's Eye Gel - Illuminate Your Style**

Brighten up your manicure with Light Bulb Cat's Eye, a unique and vibrant choice that's sure to stand out.


**3.   Water Light Cat's Eye Gel - 6 Subtle Colors**

For a more delicate touch, explore the Water Light Cat's Eye range, with six tranquil hues.


**4.   Effcto Unicorn Gel - 8 Magical Colors**

Unleash your inner unicorn with this enchanting range of eight mythical colors.


**5.   Platinum Diamond Gel-H series - 6 Amazing Colors**

Achieve the look of molten metal with our Platinum Diamond Gel-H collection, featuring six radiant shades.

**6.   Dreamy Haze - 12 Soft and Dreamy Hues**

Step into a world of soft, ethereal beauty with our Autumn & Winter Dreamy Haze collection.


**8.   Pat Painting Gel - 12 Artistic Shades**

Express your creativity with the Pat Painting Gel range, offering 12 colors that are perfect for nail art.


**9.   Pearl Threaded Gel - 12 Lustrous Shades**

Add a touch of elegance with our Pearl Threaded Gel collection, featuring 12 shimmering shades.

Introducing RONIKI's Spectacular 3rd Quarter Lineup for 2023

**10.   Russian Top Coat-MX503T - A New Dimension in Nail Care with Powder Adherence**

Russian Top Coat, a game-changer in nail care that allows you to achieve that sought-after powdered finish without any of the fuss.   It's the sealant that lets you dip and dazzle, without the mess.


**11.   Resin Gel - Transform Your Nails with Ease**

Get ready to experiment with our versatile Resin Gel, a game-changer for your nail art journey.


**12.   Neon Reflective Gel - 9 Electrifying Colors**

Light up the night with our Neon Reflective Gel collection, featuring nine dynamic and glowing hues.


**13.   Enchanted Holiday Collection - 10 Magical Shades**

Our Enchanted Holiday Collection is the perfect companion for your next getaway, offering 10 mesmerizing shades inspired by dreamy holidays.


Discover the future of beauty with RONIKI's 2023 Q3 lineup, where innovation and creativity know no bounds.   It's time to make your beauty dreams a reality!"

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