What is oily nail polish?

November 15, 2023

What is oily nail polish

Oily Custom Gel Polish China  is the kind of product we are familiar with. It does not dissolve in water. Many fairies have misunderstood oily nail polish because of its pungent smell, but with the development of technology, there are less and less irritating chemicals added to nail polish products, instead using natural minerals or synthetic, non-toxic ingredients.

The advantage of oily nail polish is that the durability and gloss are better, as long as the fairies do not deliberately remove, they can last at least one to two weeks, and because of the variety of oil-soluble colorants, oily nail polish has more color choices; Of course, the disadvantages of oily nail polish can not be ignored, the first is the smell, tasteless raw material cost is often relatively high, so now many cheap oil nail adhesive smell is very pungent, the second is difficult to remove, love to change the color of the fairy may feel trouble.

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Novice use advice: little fairies oily glue nail can be selected as a primer, because even if is pure color nail glue, oily choice also will be some more, but if for a color is often little fairies small make up recommend oily glue, nail is not unloading process is cumbersome, such as some strong persistence nail glue is need to use foil package of a water discharge with cosmetic cotton 5 to 10 minutes, and then to unload, really is a waste of time for the little fairies.

For novice fairy people, compared to traditional nail polish, One Step Gel Polish Wholesaler recommend you to choose nail polish, first of all, because the gloss and durability of nail polish glue is far stronger than the previous generation of nail products, general nail polish is only a week, and nail polish glue as long as it is not deliberately destroyed, can maintain half a month or so; It is nail oil glue next is below special ultraviolet ray to bake a lamp a few seconds can bake dry, won't appear when nail polish is air-dried easy to be scratched problem, for daub operation still not skilled little fairy people, this is very big help undoubtedly. Hope small series of introduction can help you.

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