The Classification Of Gel Polish

November 15, 2023

The Classification Of Gel Polish

Custom Gel Polish China shares that gel polish is similar to traditional gel polish and comes with a brush. However, due to the fact that the nail polish glue can be cured by light, the outside of the nail polish glue bottles must be painted to prevent light transmission.

It has a non-toxic, tasteless, environmental protection and other characteristics, has the plastic color, luster and oil gel glue is the symbol of gel latest trend, and general compared to the polish, its raw materials are from natural resin, environmental non-toxic, health and safety features, compatible glues and the common advantages of nails, colour and lustre is full and transparent, easy to apply, instant drying, gloss more durable, known as the most fashionable a polish star masterpiece. Some of the best nail polish removers on the market can be removed with regular nail polish remover.

Gel polish (barbie glue, QQ gel polish) specific as follows:

Solid gel polish glue (solid gel polish glue)

Glitter gel polish glue (glitter gel polish glue)

Fluorescent gel polish gel (very attractive and bright under ultraviolet light)

Gel polish (will store light, shine in the evening, a bit like our kids to play)

The Classification Of Gel Polish

Gel polish

Serpentine gel polish sealant (bubble gel polish sealant, slightly longer operation time)

Cat eye gel polish (like a cat's eye, very funny)

3D phantom gel polish(gel polish has almost the same properties as cat eye gel polish, but different texture tools)

Gradient gel polish adhesive (with the change of temperature, the color will appear different color, showing a gradient effect)

HT gel polish glue (health first, fresh experience: made of pure natural medical raw materials)

Metallic gel polish adhesive (metallic color, need exclusive base adhesive seal)

Granulated sugar gel polish glue (sweet and lovely in Japan)

Sunshine gel polish glue (easy to carry, do not need to use other tools such as uv lamp curing, ordinary sunlight is enough, easy to apply)

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