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Why Does Nail Polish Have Particles?

1,242 2020-07-03

Applying nail polish looks simple, but to make a nail look perfect, you must pay attention to some places, such as the problem of particles in nail polish.

So, what are the reasons for nail polish to have particles? Gel Polish China Wholesaler for you to share.


After engraving and grinding, no dust is removed with a brush, and particles will be generated without complete dust removal.

The correct way: use a brush to remove dust from the surface after carving.


The application speed is too fast, and it is easy to produce bubble particles.

The correct way: Control the speed and intensity of application to maintain stability. The brush must be light when applying to avoid air bubbles. If it is too hard or too fast, it will easily generate air bubbles, and there will be small particles that look like impurities; the brush is applied on the nail surface at an angle of 180°, which is the cause of particles. It also spreads unevenly.


The bottle mouth has not been cleaned for a long time, and the residue on the bottle mouth is brought into the bottle by the brush.

The correct way: regularly clean the mouth of the nail polish used to reduce or remove the presence of residues.


At the time of application, the brush or the mouth of the bottle is illuminated by the light therapy lamp, which causes the glue on the top to be cured and then brought into the bottle.

The correct way: When using, please open the cover of the gel polish back to the light source of the phototherapy lamp to avoid easy curing.

I believe that every manicurist has been asked this question: Will the manicure lamp shine his hands black? Will frequent exposure damage the skin? I heard that taking too many nail lights will cause skin cancer, is it true?

The culprit of sunburn

First, we must figure out the main cause of sunburn.

In fact, ultraviolet UV is the real culprit! So, how exactly does it hurt our skin? At present, ultraviolet light can be divided into UVA (320-400 nm), UVB (280-320 nm), UVC (100-280 nm) according to wavelength.

Among them, UVC (100-280 nanometers) is obstructed by the ozone layer and can hardly reach the surface. Therefore, we generally say "sun protection" refers to preventing UVA and UVB in sunlight from harming the skin.

Performance after skin sunburn

Generally, the skin of the human body will appear red hot and itchy after a long time or high-intensity exposure.

Long-term direct exposure to ultraviolet rays may even cause sunburn, and may also cause photoaging of the skin and even cause skin cancer.

Working principle of various nail lamps

In the process of making nails, the role of the nail lamp is to solidify the gel.


UV lamp

The UV lamp is short for the ultraviolet lamps. Many dermatologists believe that nail art UV lamps are harmful.

Because the UV lamp commonly used in nail art is a hot cathode fluorescent lamp, it emits UVA (Long Wave Ultraviolet). Long-wave ultraviolet rays can reach the depth of the dermis and cause melanin deposition in the skin, making the skin black and dry!

But Massachusetts General Hospital once did a study on this: calculating the carcinogenicity of nail lamps by measuring the UV dose radiated by nail lamps.

They used three models of manicure UV lamps separately. After comparing with the FDA approved and a series of ultraviolet treatment methods commonly used in dermatology, they concluded that it is safe to use the manicure lamp once a week for 250 years. . Unless we really live to be 250 years old...


LED lights

The LED light is no harm to human skin and eyes like ordinary lighting.

In comparison, LED lamps are more energy-efficient than UV lamps and have shorter illumination times, but the corresponding prices are also slightly more expensive than UV lamps. The LED light does not cause melanin to settle on the skin; moreover, the LED light is not as hot as the UV light and does not burn.

UV+LED lamp is a new type of phototherapy lamp with long service life, low power, low heat generation, a more stable ultraviolet source, stronger penetration ability, and will not have too much impact on the skin.

What should I pay attention to when using a nail lamp?

Be sure to write down these operating time when using nail lamp~

A too long or too short time will affect the final effect of nail art.

Primer: UV120 seconds / LED60 seconds

Color glue: UV60 seconds / LED30 seconds

Sealing layer: UV120 seconds / LED60 seconds

No-clean layer: UV180 seconds / LED90 seconds

After each use of UV light, it is best to apply a hand cream on the back of the hand and on each joint of the finger to replenish the moisture in the hand in time.

When our hands are particularly dry, they are also very dark.

So don't attribute any hand blackness to the nail lamp, and don't let the nail lamp lie innocently. From now on, let's have a clean nail art! Make beautiful nails with peace of mind!

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