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Does Nail Polish Hurt Nails?

863 2020-07-09

1. Is nail polish carcinogenic?

Gel Polish is a product familiar to Ms. Aimei. It is an indispensable tool for a manicure. However, many people say that nail polish is unsafe. If you use it frequently, you will get cancer. It sounds scary. Can nail polish cause cancer?

The main component of nails is keratin. First of all, it has a "shield" function, which can protect the terminal fingertips from damage, maintain its stability, enhance the sensitivity of finger touch, and assist in grasping, pinching, pinching, squeezing, etc. The blood supply to the nail bed is rich, and it can regulate the peripheral blood supply and body temperature. Secondly, nails are the focus of hand beauty, beautiful nails add feminine charm.

Nail polish ps nail polish, who hurts the nail the most?

Another name for nail polish is called nail lacquer, which is a kind of paint that can be directly applied to the nails, and the nails are bright in color and play a beautifying role.

The role of nail polish is the same as that of nail polish, but the ingredients are completely different. It is a kind of phototherapy glue, a kind of resin, similar to plastic. The operation method is completely different from nail polish, which requires a binder, then colored nail polish and a sealing layer. Each layer needs to be hardened by the lamp before it can be coated. But the hardness and gloss are much better than ordinary nail polish, and the retention time is more durable.

Nail polish hurts nails more than nail polish?

In fact, nail polish is composed of volatile solvents formaldehyde, nitrocellulose, and oil-soluble pigments. Nail polish will slowly oxidize and yellow, and the pigment in it will precipitate in the nails, so it should be removed in 3 to 4 days. Nail polish is a kind of resin, which is non-toxic and harmless in itself and has a relatively long duration. So nail polish is less harmful to nails!! When water-based nail polish is used, some of the ingredients are water, which also contains chemicals, but the firmness is not high and it is easy to fall off.

The most harmful factors to nails

a. Nail treatment (physical injury)

b. Nail remover (the nail remover liquid contains a class of carcinogens)

c. Nail product quality (over-standard components)

d. Illumination (It is recommended to use LED lights)

1. Some nail products contain volatile solvents, such as alcohol and formaldehyde, which deprive the essential nutrients needed for healthy nails, so be careful to choose nail polish and nail polish remover, it is best to use Acetone-free ingredients Remove water because the acetone will not only make your nails fragile but also leave a layer of white mist on your nails. By the way, I will advertise that Lv Yue Nail Gum is free of alcohol, formaldehyde, acetone, etc. These are recognized as a class of carcinogens by WHO.

2. Pay attention to the nail care: gently push the dead skin with the finger skin push, the dead skin can not be pushed very hard, push the irregular finger skin into a neat circle, the dead skin push and the nail surface become 30 Angles, finger skins and nails best fit, do not let the manicurist push the dead skin into it in order to grow the nail bed, this will only cause nails to be injured, easy to be infected with bacteria.

3. Choose a good primer, no need to polish to the real nail when removing the nail.

4. If your nails are easily broken, you can eat more foods rich in vitamins, these foods can enhance the hardness of the nails, such as milk, and foods rich in iron and protein can also help nails grow better.

Gel Polish

Let's talk about manicure lamps: there are two kinds of manicure lamps, one is an ultraviolet lamp and the other is an LED lamp, which is used for drying phototherapy glue in the nail process, and it is mostly used in nail salons.

The absorption spectrum of ribonucleic acid and deoxyribonucleic acid ranges from 240 to 280 nm, and the absorption peak is at 260 nm. It is generally believed that ultraviolet light can change and destroy structural mutations, change the genetic transcription characteristics of cells, and make organisms lose their ability to synthesize and replicate and reproduce, and other proteins are absorbed (phenylalanine, tryptophan, and tyrosine The absorption peak of the aromatic ring is 280nm) may also play a role in the ultraviolet sterilization process. The main spectrum of the phototherapy lamp is concentrated at 365nm, and the sterilization ability is quite weak. It is the culprit that the hand is easy to turn black. The World Health Organization lists ultraviolet rays as a class of carcinogens, especially long-term large doses, which can induce skin cancer.

Generally, the wavelength of ultraviolet rays reaching the ground after sunlight penetrates the atmosphere is 287~390nm, which deviates from the optimal ultraviolet sterilization wavelength range (about 250~285nm). It is mainly the absorption of atmospheric ozone that reduces the intensity of ultraviolet light in the sunlight spectrum below 290nm, so the sterilization ability of sunlight is inferior to that of special ultraviolet sterilization lamps.

The main component of nail polish is photo-curable resin, and others include pigments and initiators. Nail polish does not have much odor. Generally, nail salons will choose to use nail polish.

Can pregnant women use nail polish? There are many opinions on the market. Gel Raw Material Wholesaler believes that although the gel nail kit does not contain a category of carcinogens listed by the World Health Organization, it is best not for pregnant women. Of course, in a very passionate situation, you must choose a regular manufacturer, only touching the nails, not the skin is the bottom line.

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