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Why Does Nail Polish Become Layered? Can It Continue To Be Used?

835 2020-06-06

After putting the purchased nail polish for half a year, I found it layered! Did the above scene happen in your nail shop? Today Gel Raw Material Wholesaler takes everyone to know: Why is the nail polish layered? Is it broken? Can it still be used? ...

Reasons for Delamination of Gel Polish

A nail polish and dispersant

Nail polish mainly includes oligomers, reactive diluents, photoinitiators, and additives. Nail polish additives include pigments, leveling agents, wetting and dispersing agents, and polymerization inhibitors. The delamination of nail polish is related to the dispersant.

Dispersant, it can help the nail polish to brighten gloss, improve coloring and hiding power, improve color development and toning, prevent floating and color drift of nail polish, prevent flocculation and sedimentation. It is a chemical substance that causes various solids to be suspended in a solvent (or dispersion) stably through the principle of chemical charge repulsion or high molecular steric hindrance.

Relationship between the two: It can be said that the dispersant is the peacekeeping police in the world of nail polish. When there is a problem with the peacekeeping police, no, there is trouble between the ingredients, and there is the "surprise cocktail" you saw in the opening chapter.

specific reason

1. Nail polish has expired

It is possible to have precipitates and flocs in the nail polish.

2. Nail polish has not expired

That layer of nail polish may be related to its formula, raw materials, and storage method.


The amount of dispersant

What proportion should the dispersant occupy to achieve the best results? In the actual process, the amount of dispersant used is not enough or excessive, etc., which directly affects the quality of the nail polish.


Storage method

Unexpired nail polish that has been left for a long time may also delaminate. At this time, try to stir or shake well. If there is no other problem, you can continue to use it.


The thickness and size of color particles

Too large or heavy nail polish color particles will automatically sink, causing delamination. Moreover, the color particles that are too large or too heavy will greatly reduce the effect of the nail polish dispersant, and cannot guarantee the stability of the nail polish.


Can you continue to use it? If it has expired, please throw it away! , If it has not expired, please read on.

Case 1: The layer of nail polish is the moisture layer

Generally, the nail polish in the shelf life will not delaminate. If you open a new jar of nail polish and find that it is somewhat uneven in texture, it looks like it is layered. It is most likely just a moisture layer, which is caused by the viscosity of the canned nail polish being too high.

⇨ Don't worry, it can be used normally.

Case 2 Delamination of nail polish is caused by aging

Due to improper operation during storage or use, the nail polish will shorten its life and delamination will occur. This aging nail polish is not recommended to be used again. Its texture and other properties may not be able to Guaranteed.

⇨ This is useless and cannot be used! ! !

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