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Nail Knowledge (Part 2)

707 2020-04-17

Good habits: 1. Move your hands gently when you wash your hands. Avoid scratching your nails with a bristle brush or scratching hard objects with your nails. This will make your nails fragile, and it will also cause your nails to curl up and leave the nail bed.

2. When applying hand care products, proper care should also be taken for the keratin around the nails.

3 Poor blood circulation not only causes spots and bluishness in hands, but also blue nails, should be fully massaged to strengthen blood circulation, so that blood flows to the hands and nail bed, to restore a healthy luster.

4. Wear rubber gloves when doing housework to avoid damage to nails by chemicals

5. When applying colored nail polish, first apply a layer of base coat gel to avoid the pigment in the nail polish depositing on the nail surface. For nails with deposition, let them fall off automatically. This is the best way to deal with it. Do not use bleach to bleach your nails.

6. Don't bite your nails, this is a bad habit.

7. Don't use nails as tools, use related special tools. .

8. Wear fewer false nails, because the dirt is easy to hide between the real and fake nails, which provides conditions for bacterial reproduction, and the real nails are covered under the false nails for a long time, and will become fragile and easy to break.

Watery Color Gel Polish

The process of artistic nail art:

1. Nail painting: use special nail paint to draw illustrations on the nail surface.

2. Nail drawing: use nail polish and two-hand nail art pen to draw simple and beautiful patterns.

3. Nail spray printing: spraying various gradient colors on the nail surface with a spray printer and special spray paint.

4. Patch nails: Use a special nail glue to stick full or half patch nails on the surface of the nail, thereby creating a slender nail shape, which has poor ventilation.

5. Crystal nail: Use crystal powder and watery color gel polish to create a beautiful nail shape. Crystal armor originated in Hollywood. It is characterized by a strong and wear-resistant texture that is not easily broken.

6. Phototherapy resin nail: It is a replacement product of crystal nail. It is colorless, odorless and contains no chemical substances. It uses ultraviolet rays to polymerize natural resin on the surface of real nails, thereby creating tough and shiny nails. It not only does not hurt the real nails, but also increases the strength of the nails. As long as the nails are repaired every two to three weeks, it can continue to have beautiful nails and transparent nails. Even if you apply ordinary nail polish on weekdays, the nail polish will With resin primer, it becomes difficult to fall off, which is convenient for maintenance.

Basic manicure: As long as some basic tools (such as coarse nail polish block, nail polish stick, nail polish correction pen) can modify the nails, maintain basic cleaning work. Sticking false nails: If you think your nails are not long enough, you can add a layer of fake nails on the nails, draw on it, and add charms, not afraid of damaging the real nails. If you don't like it, dismantle it immediately without fear of trouble. False nails are more suitable for those crushes who like to party.

French manicure: "French manicure", which is difficult for most people to do, can also be DIY. As long as there is a nail polish correction pen, the part of the drawn head is smeared off and corrected.

Nail painting: Since it is nail art, of course, it is to use its own creativity. Whether it is a hand-painted pattern, or embellished with stickers, rhinestones, rhinestones, pendants, etc., then apply a layer of surface armor oil and fix it.



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