Nail Care

Q:Why use Hard Gel?


RONIKI Hard Gel is a versatile product for physical strengthening and/or for slight extensions of up to 2cm. Hard Gel is ideal for:

Reinforcing nails and filling uneven nail surfaces.

Avoiding nail chipping.

Short extensions with RONIKI nail form.

Protecting nails when using/removing extensions without causing harm.

*Hard gel will be sticky after curing so it is important that you apply a top coat to finish your routine.

Overall Hard Gel is very helpful and provides the needed nail protection for all types and shapes of nails.

Q:Why does the matte effect of No Wipe Matte Top Coat fade over time?


RONIKI No Wipe Matte Top Coat can gradually lose its matte effect during wear, as natural oils from the skin transfer onto the nail. To refresh your matte look, please clean your nails with RONIKI Cleanser Wipes.

If you are looking to maintain a fresh Matte effect, we recommend that after two weeks you apply one extra layer of the No Wipe Matte Top Coat.

Q:How can I keep my nails shinny?


Keeping a flawless shiny manicure is every woman’s wish. There are a couple of secrets that aim at achieving this goal. First of all, try wearing rubber gloves when doing housework. This includes doing the dishes or when using harsh chemicals. Chemicals and hot water can damage the gel and cause your manicure to last a shorter amount of time. Also, avoid exposure to excessive sunlight, especially when you are wearing neon colors during Summertime.

Q:Why do I need to push back cuticles before gel polish application?


Cuticles need to be pushed back properly during manicure or pedicure prep. If not, the cuticle will transfer oils from the skin to the nail. This might result in lifting of the nail polish and in shorter wear time. Overall, pushing back cuticles will make your hands and nails look clean and beautiful.

Q:How do you Prevent Yellow Nails and Staining?


As a first step in your manicure process, make sure your nail surface is dry before applying a base coat in order to properly prep your nails and avoid yellow nails. Alternatively, you can use a primer to ensure that the nail surface is ready for the manicure. As soon as you spot stains, please remove the manicure instantly.