Nail Art Gel

RONIKI Rainbow Gel Color

Brand: RONIKI 

Item Name: Rainbow Gel Color 

Color: 12 Colors 

Provide: OEM/ODM

RONIKI Rainbow Gel Color

Rainbow Gel Color polish: 15ml

Color: 12 colors

Rainbow Gel Color Quality stable with competitive price,easy to apply,easy to soak off, High gloss, good flexibility,eco-friendly,odorless,rich color. Thousands of colors for your choice. Please note that before apply the gel polish, you need to apply the base coat so as to enhance the adhesion and apply the top coat after the color gel polish, all the steps need to be cured by UV lamp for 120 minutes or LED lamp for 60s. it lasts more than 1 month.

Mixed with various colors or gels to creat various nail art beauty.

RONIKI Rainbow Gel Color

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