Nail Art Gel

RONIKI Crackle Gel Nail Polish

Name: RONIKI Crackle Gel Nail Polish 

Color: Chooseable 

Volume: 15ml 

Type: UV & LED LAMP 

Application: Nail Art Beauty

Detailed description

RONIKI Crackle Gel Nail Polish


CRACK NAIL GEL suitable for UV and LED

To apply the base gel is necessary,it decide the crack's color

Please note that due to the different Thickness of the crack polish applied the size of the crack will come with different.

Apply the base gel of nail polish and be sure to let it dry completely before doing anything else. Putting crackle polish on top of wet nails causes the crackle to bond to the wet polish and crack it as well.

When the base gel is completely dry, it is time to apply the crackle nail polish over the top of it. To get thinner cracked patterns, put on a thin coat of the crackle polish. Those who want big, dramatic cracks can apply a thicker layer.

RONIKI Crackle Gel Nail Polish

Crackle Gel Nail Polish wholesaler/agents are welcomed.

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