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How to make nail polish lasting?

914 2019-07-03

How to make nail polish lasting? Shared by the 3D Cat Eye Gel Polish supplier.

1, base oil must be wiped!

In fact, a lot of people will omit the base oil this step, but there is no good bottom really! Poor!!!! On the one hand to protect nails, on the other hand to prevent nail polish "pigmentation"! If you have severe pigmentation, your nails will turn yellow, even if you try to rub them with light and water.

2, amount of coloring is also important

I'm sure you've heard of a 45 degree Angle polish. ? But in fact before the rub, if the measurement is not good, regardless of how many degrees you will still draw! Because this had better go up in bottle mouth, one side among them "redundant" nail polish is scraped first clean, such ability level off is better also brush.

3, "here" also to be sure to paint

Don't scribble! Start from the "middle" and start from the bottom to the tip of your finger. Then fill the left and right sides equally. That is the "fingertip", nail polish often peeling with your fingertips are not rubbed is related to oh.

4, in addition, their rub will inevitably have painted out of the edges and corners, at this time as long as the wooden stick (or small brush) dip a point to wipe off the light water can ~ after all formed or recommended on a layer of bright nail polish will be more durable oh!

That's all for the sharing, thanks for your reading, and we also supply 3D Cat Eye Nail Gel Polish for sale, if you have any demand for our products, just feel free to contact us.

3D Cat Eye Gel Polish

3D Cat Eye Gel Polish

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