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Do You Know What Types Of Nail Polish?

888 2019-12-20

Gel polish china wholesaler introduce to you: Nail polish is different from nail polish. Nail polish only needs to be dried, but nail polish needs a light. Nail polish can be wiped off with nail remover water. Nail polish needs to be wrapped with a nail remover cotton sheet for a moment, then slowly pushed away with a small steel push. Having said the difference between nail polish and nail polish, Suka focuses on nail polish. There are currently more than 10 types of nail polishes, each of which has many colors. Their characteristics and methods of use are different. Let's talk about several commonly used gel polish.

1. Pure color glue: It is what we call nail polish glue, QQ glue, Barbie glue, etc. It is the most important nail polish glue in nail stores when it is used for making nails of pure color.

2. Sequin glue: Some friends like to call it pearlescent glue. This nail polish contains large sequins or small glitters of different colors, which can make a shiny effect. Use the same method as usual phototherapy gel.

3, luminous glue: nails that can glow at night. If a girl walks in the night and her fingernails are glowing, her imagination feels scary. Hey hey, just a joke, what's going on with luminous glue? The principle is that it absorbs and stores ultraviolet rays during the day and emits various colors of light at night. The more light the luminous gel absorbs, the brighter the light emitted. This nail polish is especially suitable for girls who like to go to the night show and exaggerated style. The method of use is the same as that of ordinary nail polish, and it needs a special primer and sealing layer.

4. Metal glue: This kind of glue is different from the ordinary glue we use, because the metal glue is a low-light glue, and it can dry naturally when there is sufficient sunlight. Shake well before use before re-coating. The durability of metal glue is not as long as that of nail polish glue, and it can generally last about a week. Although the metal glue is good-looking, but the operation is difficult to master, it is recommended not to be used by novices just beginning to practice nail art.

5. Painted plastic: The biggest feature of painted plastic is high color saturation. Painted glue has a great advantage. It can replace painted paint and can also be used as a solid nail.

Cat Eye Gel

6. Cat eye gel: my favorite is cat eye gel, but the cat eye gel must be selected in a good color. A thin and bright reflective band will appear on the surface of the finished cat's eye nails, which can change with the intensity of the light. The place of the light band is called "cat's eye flash". There is a big difference between the usage of cat eye glue and the use of ordinary glue. After the cat eye gel is applied to the nails, a special cat eye magnet rod needs to be placed on the nail polish surface, close to but not touching the nail surface. The effect appears immediately after 1.5 seconds, and then the light is turned on. The shape of the cat's eye magnet is different, resulting in different light bands.

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