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Is Gel Manicure Safe For Your Nails?

776 2020-12-19

Is Gel Manicure Safe For Your Nails?

Sales of nail polish are close to $800 million a year in the United States, where decorative figures abound. However, spending your cash on scraps or chips within a few days can be a waste of time and money. Women now have the option of a gel polish that provides retention for two to four weeks.

Gel polishes last longer and are resistant to cracking. "A long string of molecules in gel polishes enhances strength by forming a durable and elastic coating that hardens. The glazing agent will solidify under ultraviolet radiation.

The disadvantages of gel manicures come from the key UV curing step. A recent study found that cumulative damage from the frequency of light emitted by nail lamps causes DNA damage to the skin, leading to premature aging and possibly cancer.

After the use of gel polishes, people's finger decks became significantly thinner. This may be caused by a glazing agent.

There is no clear definition of the safety of gel nails. It usually depends on how you use it. For example, if your nail bed and cuticle are not properly dried before using the gel, the polish not only won't last long, it also means that excess water stays under the gel polish, which can lead to infection.

The other thing is to make sure you remove the gel polish correctly. Many people start picking it up instead of professionally removing it. However, this can damage and weaken your natural nails. It's best to return in a few weeks and have your manicurist remove them for you.

Gel manicures won't do your nails any harm, but we recommend taking a break every 6 weeks to allow your nails to breathe naturally.

Gel polish is the most common. It can be applied to your natural nails as easily as a regular glazing agent and solidifies under UV lights or LEDs for about 30 seconds. Thanks to its rapid drying, the polish lasts about two weeks compared to a classic manicure and is becoming increasingly popular.

Constantly polishing nails on your nails can interfere with your natural nails, which is why technicians always recommend taking breaks from time to time to let them breathe. But what is beauty and confidence without any color on your nails? Why not use a gel manicure to make it last?

Healthy nails usually have white tips, a pink nail bed, and pronounced cuticles. They feel durable and don't polish easily. If you find that your nails are feeling weaker, cracked, and discolored, it's time to take a break.

If you don't like your nails completely bare, trust us, we get it, then apply a clear primer to your nails for added shine. You can even buy products with enhancers in them to help you take care of your nails.

So, what's the difference between gel and regular nail polish?

Regular nail polish has its advantages: less weight on the nails; It doesn't cost much and you can do it from the comfort of your home. The main problem with polishes that people often use is that they don't last as long as a gel manicure.

Whether you're a self-healer, someone who likes to polish and polish, or someone who doesn't want to dwell on their nails for the next two weeks, gel nails are the ideal solution.

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