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Introduction of Nail Art Gel

767 2020-05-30

Base Coat Gel China factory to introduce some basic conditions of nail art ~

Nail polish

For many people, especially straight boyfriends, nails may only exist for them. Nail polish has been active since its earliest appearance. The advantages are many colors, easy operation, and little damage to the nails. The disadvantages are also obvious, that is, it is easy to peel and not easy to dry! Especially if you accidentally rubbed your nail polish after applying it, your efforts were in vain, and you had to wipe it off and reapply it. If you go to bed after applying nail polish in the evening, after getting up the next day, there may be wrinkles on the nail surface ~

Keep the complete shape of the nail polish for at most 3 days, and then the edges will start to knock off. At this time, it is very ugly, you can only remove it and reapply it. However, this has become an advantage when removing nails. Except for some of the sequins, which are a little harder, others can be removed with a light swipe of the nail remover water, which is too happy compared to nail polish.

Nowadays, 4 layers of nail polish are generally applied. The first layer is the base oil, which can protect your nails and can make the nail polish on the follow-up more color-like, similar to pre-makeup milk. Then there is the nail polish. In order to make the color better, generally, everyone will apply 2 layers, so that the color is more full and even. Finally, a layer of bright oil can make the color brighter, and protect the nail polish from bumping and falling off.

Nail polish

Gel polish can now be regarded as the normal operation of nail salons. At first, nail polish was mainly divided into crystal nails and phototherapy nails, but now crystal nails are rarely seen. Phototherapy nails need to be irradiated by ultraviolet light to dry after applying phototherapy glue. Later, in order to facilitate the operation, the phototherapy glue was made to be as good as nail polish. In short, the difference between nail polish and nail polish is that you need to illuminate the lamp after applying nail polish.

When you do nail polish, you also need to apply some basic gels, such as balancing liquid, functional glue, primer, sealing layer, etc. Today, Xiaomao teacher will explain to you what these gels do.

Base Coat Gel


Base Coat Gel is the only nail in these gels that will come into contact with you. The main reason is to stick the subsequent color glue to your nails by weak acidity. Most of them have a slight acid taste. In order to bond them, you need to remove excess water and grease from your nails at the beginning, which is why many nail shops will use nail ridges to polish your nail surface before a manicure. Out of the concave and convex surface, so that you can better bond by increasing friction.

Balance fluid

Some manufacturers will also call Nail Purifying Liquid, Drying Liquid. Earlier I said that early manicure often polishes the nail surface. You can think of it as a physical method to ensure adhesion, then the chemical method is to balance the liquid. Without excessive polishing, you can directly apply the balancing liquid on the nail surface, and use his chemical attack to remove water and oil to ensure adhesion with the primer. If you are a novice or do not want to polish your nails too much, you can use a balancing fluid instead.

Color glue

The color gel is the main character in the gel, and your color and shape depend on it. In addition to the common colors, there are various styles with glitter, cat's eyes, starry sky, even jelly glue, dirty glue, etc. Basically, only you can't think of it, and you can't buy it.

Functional glue

According to the function you need, it can be divided into fixed glue, extended glue, etc. Generally speaking, in order not to affect the shape and color, basically transparent glue. If you need to do blooming, you may need a ductile transparent glue. If you want to do the modeling or reinforce jewelry, you need a slightly stronger glue. In fact, the most important thing is to see if these glues can help you achieve what you want. The purpose achieved.

Cable glue

Some people also call it silk glue, spider glue (it sounds uncomfortable), etc. It is actually a kind of color glue, but it has very good ductility and can draw very thin and unbroken lines. Suitable for line drawing, usually need to be matched with a line drawing pen. Previously, there was a video on Weibo about a pull-up made by a Russian manicure girl.


As the name implies, the glue that is finally used for nail art. Common seals tampered seals and frosted seals are now common. The ordinary sealing layer is simply to brighten and protect the nail surface. The toughened sealing layer can be imagined as a toughened mobile phone film, which will be stronger. The matte seal layer is in addition to the above, it will also give your color glue a final matte effect, which is very suitable for some low-key styles.

Basically, the most common nail art is the above. Of course, the most important thing is that the quality of the product must pass. If you do n’t want your nails to become thinner and yellower, the gel must choose qualified products, and let the nails from time to time. Take a break, usually pay attention to maintenance, wipe the hand and armor cream frequently, so that you will have a pair of beautiful hands ~



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