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How to Maintain Nails?

766 2020-08-07

One Step Gel Wholesaler teaches you how to maintain your nails.

How to prevent uneven fingernails

1. Do not borrow and share daily necessities, such as footwear and slippers; do not share foot basins and foot towels with others. This is the key to preventing indirect infection.

2. Develop good hygiene habits, wash your feet frequently, change socks frequently, and expose shoes and socks frequently to keep them dry.

3. People with sweaty hands and feet can use some treatment methods to inhibit local perspiration. Summer is a period of frequent hand and foot ringworm, so pay special attention.

4. Do a good job in environmental sanitation and not create an external environment for pathogenic fungi to grow and reproduce.

Many people are struggling with dry, damaged, or split nails. Although sometimes fragile nails may be due to genetics, there are still some nail protection methods that can be used to improve the situation~ Want healthy and moisturized nails? Let's practice the following armor tips together~~

Olive oil

For people with fragile, thin nails, you can soak your fingernails in Extra Virgin Olive Oil for 10 to 15 minutes in the first month, and then soak every two weeks. This cheap DIY armor technique can strengthen damaged, fragile, or easily broken nails.

Use armor cream

A high-quality nail care cream can help moisturize and soften the dead skin on the edge of the nail and nourish the nail surface. Before going to bed every day, apply nail cream to your nails and massage until absorbed.

Wear gloves when doing housework

When you wash dishes and do sanitation, remember to wear gloves. Cleansers and detergents may damage your nails, causing dryness, breakage, and peeling.

Eat more foods rich in vitamin H

In your diet, remember to add foods rich in vitamin H, such as liver, boiled eggs, cereals, broccoli, avocado, etc. In addition to strengthening your nails, vitamin H makes your nails thicker.

Massage nail face

Regular massage of the nails can promote blood flow around the nails, which can help the growth of the nails. When massaging, use hand cream on hands and nail cream or finger edge oil on nails. Of course, be sure to develop the habit of rubbing hand cream immediately after absorption, and also rub your nails.

Don't overuse nails

Open cans of Coke with your fingernails, poke the phone screen, etc. These trivial things in life, you can find a substitute to do it~~ Caring for your nails should start with small things~~

Try to avoid nail polish (or nail remover)

Do not use nail polish remover (nail polish remover) more than 2 times a month. In addition, never use nail polish remover that contains acetone. This chemical composition will damage your nails.

Drink plenty of water

We all know that water is the source of life, and it is the same for your nails. Drinking water can add moisture to dry and damaged nails, just as drinking water is good for skin and hair.

Supplement multivitamin every day

The benefits of vitamins to the human body do not need to be repeated. Lack of vitamins A, C, and calcium can cause dryness and cracking of nails.

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