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How To Maintain Nail Polish

796 2021-02-04

How To Maintain Nail Polish
Nail polish glue is much stronger than nail polish, so sometimes novice girls may not be able to remove it. In fact, for most girls who enjoy manicures, they are done all the time, so they need to be removed frequently.

How to maintain nail polish
1.If you don't pick something hard, no matter how good the glue is, you can't stand it. Do not soak in hot water for six hours.

2.When taking a bath, the glue may become soft, so do not pick it up at this time. When the temperature drops, the glue hardens naturally.

3.Try to protect her nails by wearing gloves while doing chores.

4.There are diamonds on your hands. Be sure not to touch them very often.

Nail polish notes

1.Smooth nail surfaces. If left unpolished, nails will be uneven and UV pink cat eye gel will fall off easily. Therefore, you need to use a sponge file to polish the surface of the nail to make the nail surface and primer firmer.

2.Be sure to apply a pH equalizer twice before priming. The pH balancer dries the nails by removing excess oil from the surface. This allows the polish to stick more closely to the surface of the nail and is less likely to come off. Also, polish (not oily) nails with nail polish remover have the same effect, but the best result is a pH balancer.

3.Primer must be small. Shrinkage glue is too easy, once the glue shrinks, the nail polish will leave the nail.

4.Colored glue must be very thin. The correct method is to apply solid color twice, light color, and translucent color 3 times, lest produce wrinkle.

5.The sealing layer should not be too much or too little. If there is too little or too much sealing coating, it will not glow. It is recommended to use a thin layer for the first time. At that point, you can use a light to see if the surface of the nail is translucent. If not, apply a thin layer.

6.Do not use wash less sealant on the surface of removable glue. The no-clean seal is prone to cracking and is not suitable for use on surfaces with removable glue, which can cause nail polish to come off. Scrub sealant is recommended. Scrub sealers are now more mature and can maintain brightness for longer periods of time with better stability.

7.The gel cleaning solution for cleaning the sealing layer should be sufficient. No need to save cleaning fluid. Remove the oil from the surface and clean it so that the sealant does not dry and crack, and the nails are brighter and more beautiful

8.Avoid mixing brands. Different brands of nail polish have different ingredients. If used in combination, they can be mutually exclusive and cause stripping. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid mixing different brands of nail polish or primer seals.

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