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Green development will be a catalyst for industry change

1,024 2019-07-25

Green development will be a catalyst for industry change shared by Blooming Gel manufacturer.

On November 15, 2018, xi 'an hosted the 2018 petroleum and chemical industry green development conference and the exchange meeting on new technologies, products and equipment for clean production and environmental protection.

Li shousheng, President of the China petroleum and chemical industry association, told the conference: "the concept of green development practiced by the petrochemical industry is not just a concept of safety and environmental protection, but a profound change in the way of development."

Green development concept includes advanced technology, through advanced technology, advanced technology, to ensure the safety of production process, to provide ecological and environmental protection products; The advanced emission concept requires the minimum consumption of materials and energy in the production process and the minimum emission of pollutants. Advanced management concept requires the highest production efficiency and the best economic benefits; The advanced service concept requires the essential safety of the whole life cycle of products and thoughtful and thorough customer service. The concept of green development not only requires the innovation and development, structural upgrading, clean production and management of the whole petrochemical industry, but also provides a powerful driving force for the whole industry to transform and upgrade.

Tian chengchuan, deputy inspector of the comprehensive utilization department of the ministry of ecology and environment, said that the petrochemical industry has made some achievements in environmental treatment and clean production, but problems such as unreasonable structure layout, scattered pollution enterprises and large pollutant emissions have not been completely solved. Therefore, in the future, the ministry of ecology and environment will use inspection, law enforcement and other means, precise policy, strict standards, strengthen law enforcement, to force the petrochemical industry green development and upgrading.

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Petroleum and chemical industry of sarft dean Gu Zongqin admits, petrochemical industry, chemical oxygen demand (cod) and volatile phenol wastewater emissions are the industry's first, face more stringent environmental protection requirements, should be the direction of the greening in whole life cycle as we work hard, through optimizing industry layout, the scale of production integration, process greening, greening use process, and strict supervision, to achieve the sustainable development of the industry to play basic jobs.

Ministry of energy saving and comprehensive utilization department inspector, Mr. Lee said miit will vigorously promote green transformation of traditional manufacturing, industrial recycling, green manufacturing, etc., to build the green industry system, and also will improve the green standard system, the whole process of supply chain management, green manufacturing, cleaning and reconstruction funds and policy support.

"To promote green development, will surely promote the petrochemical industry from the high investment, high emission and low efficiency in vulgar development to the innovation and green two-wheel driven change of the pattern, green development has become China's petrochemical industry restructuring, the only way, become to promote our country by petrochemical to power across the power of the inevitable choice." Li shousheng said.

Li shousheng stressed that at present, petrochemical industry green development should focus on several work: first, the key areas and key links of technological transformation, accelerate the formation of green industrial system. Second, we will further promote circular economy and clean production, and strive to build a green industrial chain with a full life cycle. Third, we will carry out research on countermeasures to major ecological and environmental problems and fight against major pollution control problems. Fourth, we will work together with enterprises, universities and research institutes to foster new drivers of green development. Fifth, we will fully implement responsibility care and strive to improve the safety level of the industry. Sixth, actively promote the industry green development service platform construction, and create a good green development environment.

At present, some enterprises in the petrochemical industry has been in practical action. Hu guangfa, chief engineer of yanchang petroleum group, said that the group develops pioneering technologies such as comprehensive utilization of coal and gas resources, co-refining of kerosene, integration of coal extraction and coal tar synthesis, coal-based ethanol, co-gasification of coal and natural gas, and promotes energy conservation, emission reduction and green development through comprehensive utilization of resources.

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