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How to get a gradient manicure?

1,930 2019-04-28

How to get a gradient manicure?The Custom Gel Polish China would like to share for you.

Step 1: apply a layer of protein tough oil primer to protect the nail surface, lasting for 7-14 days.

Step 2: apply a thin layer of silver glitter to your fingertips to create a gradient.

The 3rd pace: besmear two more, let color more full, the first fancy armour face is done.

Step 4: replace your finger with a pink sequined nail polish.

Custom Gel Polish China

Custom Gel Polish China

Step 5: because pink contains the armour oily ground of sequin to compare fully, so can daub a few more let color look more saturated.

Step 6: after applying a thin layer of low protein oil, stick on the pre-cut cellophane.

Step 7: with another finger, brush with a layer of meringues and apply a small diamond and gold ornament to the nail.

Step 8: finish with a quick dry high gloss oil seal and wrap around the edges.

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