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The gel polish manufacturer teaches you to know five kinds of nail polish

816 2019-08-28

The gel polish manufacturer teaches you to know five kinds of nail polish

Gel Polish is a type of nail polish product that needs to be lightened, detachable and can be applied directly to the nail polish instead of nail polish. Because of its special characteristics, nail polish adhesive is more durable, easier to operate than ordinary nail polish, and more convenient and diverse in the design of nail patterns.

Currently, there are 10 different types of nail polish, and each comes in a variety of colors. Today, Gel Polish China factory will take you to understand each of the characteristics and use methods.


Solid glue (solid glue)

This is what we commonly say nail polish glue, QQ glue, barbie glue, coco glue.


Sequined adhesive (pearlescent adhesive)

Contains different colors of large sequins or small glitter powder, can make a shiny effect, and the same way as the use of solid color nail polish adhesive, need to use a special adhesive and sealing layer.


Luminous plastic

Gel Polish china Wholesaler shares that the principle is to absorb and store ultraviolet ray by day, put out all kinds of ray again in the evening, absorb light more, give off more bright, the light that gives out is like firefly, suit to like the girl of night scene and exaggerated style. Use the same way as ordinary nail polish adhesive, need to use a special adhesive and seal layer.

Gel Polish China factory

Gel Polish China factory


Serpentine (bubble gum)

It is mainly used to form snake pattern or bubble effect with special dot agent. Need to use a special adhesive and sealing layer. The operation takes a little time. The following 3 steps need to be done between the bottom glue and the sealing layer:

A. apply base coat, usually white or black, and bake under a light.

B. Apply serpentine nail polish twice, as thin as possible. Don't light up after painting.

C. Special serpentine dot. Place the applicator on a small plate and apply the applicator to your nails using a dot point pen. According to the lamp.


Metal rubber

Metal glue belongs to low light level nail polish glue, can dry naturally when the sun is full. It is recommended to shake well before applying. Metal glue can hold to a week or so commonly, do not hold to time of common nail glue for a long time.

Metal glue operation is difficult to master, there are a lot of details to pay attention to, such as polishing can not be too deep, but must be fully cast in place, can not have anti-blip, nail surface must be flat and clean, must finish painting metal glue can paint metal glue, do not need to brush back and forth, to reduce the number of times to brush, need to use a special set of glue and seal.

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