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Find out the 10 types of nail polish glue[1]

1,072 2019-06-10

Find out the 10 types of nail polish glue[1]

As a Gel Polish supplier China,today we would like to share you how to Find out the 10 types of nail polish glue.

1. Glow-in-the-dark glue: the principle is to absorb and store ultraviolet rays during the day, and then release various kinds of light at night. The more the light is absorbed, the brighter the light is. Use the same way as ordinary nail polish adhesive, need to use a special adhesive and seal layer.

2. Paint glue: high color saturation, one brush painting, suitable for matching paint pen and paint tray to paint patterns, can replace paint paint, can also do monochrome nail polish glue, common nail polish glue and seal layer.

3. Cracking adhesive: this kind of adhesive will naturally form the crack effect, the operation method is slightly different from the general nail polish adhesive. Primer set, brush the base polish glue, two layers of each layer of light for 2 minutes, do not need to be cleaned, (the base of color is different, the effect is not the same), brush cracked glue, nail brush, the more thin crack is fine, wait a minute crack effect naturally formed after the light again for 2 minutes, brush a layer of reinforced plastic, fill the cracks of concave and convex, make it a smooth surface, light for 2 minutes, and then on the bottom of the seal glue. Need to use a special adhesive and sealing layer.

Gel Polish supplier China

Gel Polish supplier China

4. Granulated sugar glue: there are small colored particles like granulated sugar inside, strong three-dimensional sense, most colors are fresh and sweet, especially suitable for making some Japanese style or lovely style styles, the operation method is exactly the same as the pure color nail polish glue , and it needs to use matching special bottom glue and sealing layer.

5. Serpentine glue: it is mainly used to form serpentine or bubble effect with special dispensing agent. Need to use a special adhesive and sealing layer. The operation takes a little time. The following 3 steps need to be done between the bottom glue and the sealing layer:

A. apply base coat, usually white or black, and bake under a light.

B. Apply serpentine nail polish twice, as thin as possible. Don't light up after painting.

C. Special serpentine dot. Place the applicator on a small plate and apply the applicator to your nails.

That's all for the sharing, thanks for your reading, and we also supply Three Step Gel polish for sale, if you have any demand for our products, just feel free to contact us.

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