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What are the Differences Between Phototherapy Gel and Nail Polish?

1,131 2020-02-20

For many people, the difference between phototherapy nail polish and nail polish is definitely indistinguishable. In fact, the two seem to make similar results, but the difference between the two must be very large. The following is the same as gel polish chinese wholesaler take a look.

Gel polish raw material is a kind of resin gel, also known as gel nail polish. It is an upgraded product of nail polish combined with the characteristics of phototherapy products. It has good gloss, high brightness and short curing and drying time. And it is guaranteed, with a longer retention period and no bad smell, and is accepted by many nail shops and consumers. Nail glue is relatively thin, so it is only suitable for rubbing the nail surface, or doing nail extension by applying nail patches.

Summary of advantages: It has the characteristics of environmental protection, non-toxic, health and safety, compatible with the common advantages of glue and nail polish, full and clear color, easy to apply, instant drying, and long-lasting gloss. Masterpiece.

Phototherapy glue, also known as light-effect coagulant, originated in Japan. Phototherapy nails have the same waywardness, elasticity, and resistance to breakage as natural nails. It is an advanced artificial nail technology that solidifies the phototherapy gel through light and action through ultraviolet A rays. The use of pure natural resin materials can not only protect the nail and nail cover functions, but also effectively correct the nail type and make nails. More delicate and touching. It is thicker than nail polish and can be used directly for extended nails.

Gel polish raw material

Summary of advantages: high transparency, good gloss, natural lightness, good toughness, non-irritating taste, not easy to yellow, not easy to break, and long holding time. Popular among nail art people.

Phototherapy nails cannot be removed with nail polish remover, but can only be filed with a sharpener, while nail polish can be removed with special nail polish remover. In addition, phototherapy nails are more expensive, usually more than 100 yuan, and nail polish glue is 50-60. For nails, phototherapy nail damage is more serious; for humans, both of them are less harmful than nail polish.

Choosing phototherapy nails with a high rate in a nail shop is actually a beautiful burden for nails. Phototherapy nails are also known as gel nails. A certain proportion of a photoinitiator nail solution is mixed in the resin nail powder. Under the irradiation of ultraviolet light, the gel produces a curing reaction on the nails. Therefore, phototherapy nails have a stronger adhesion to nails than ordinary nail polishes. Professional nail polish removal fluids are required to remove them. After that, they need to be polished, and the harm to nails and finger edges is even worse than ordinary nail polishes.

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