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Common Problems With Nail Polish Glue (Part 2)

673 2020-04-07

2. Delamination problem: Delamination, separation occurs between the colored glue layer of the nail polish and the sealing layer on the surface, and air can be seen in the separated part.

the reason:

1. No sealing layer of the same brand is used.

2. No wipeable seal is used. A removable, removable sealant should be used.

3. The front edge of the nail is not in place. Each layer must be edged when applying glue, not just the last edge of the seal.

4. After the colored glue is irradiated, scrub with a cleaning solution, and then apply a sealant. The color glue does not need to be washed after being illuminated, and the direct application of the sealing layer can avoid delamination.

5. The color plastic layer is too thick and the sealing layer is too thick.

3. Crack problem: Crack refers to cracks appearing on the surface coating.

Cause and solution: The crack usually appears 1-2 days after the completion of the nail. If it is not handled properly, the crack will gradually increase until the seal is cracked and flaky. The main reason is the use of a no-seal sealer. Compared to a washable sealer, the no-seal sealer has a hard and brittle texture and insufficient toughness. Cracks often appear on the surface of nail polish with sufficient toughness. It is recommended that you use a removable, removable sealant.

4. Discoloration problem: refers to the rich color gel polish with distorted colors, yellowing or color cast.

the reason:

1. The sealing glue is too thick. It is advisable to apply the sealing glue once. If it is applied more than two times, the color will be discolored.

2. Sealing time is too long: The sealing time is not more than 2 minutes. If the lighting time is too long, yellowing will occur.

V. Decrease in gloss: Decrease in gloss refers to the lack of brightness on the surface of the sealing layer that should be crystal clear.

Rich Color Gel Polish

the reason:

1. Rainbow color gel polish is not smooth enough, leaving texture marks on the brush and reducing the surface gloss.

2. Select the wrong sealing layer. Should use the same brand of removable removable sealant.

3. Do not scrub immediately after light exposure, but should stay for about 20 seconds before scrubbing.

4. The scrubbed cotton is not clean and has not been updated in time.

5. Use of cleaning solution: Do not use acetone-based cleaning solution to wipe the seal. Use professional phototherapy nail cleaning solution.

6. Insufficient light time: The cover should be illuminated in a phototherapy lamp for 2 minutes.

7. The sealant is used too little or too thin.

Nail polish is a nail product with short research and development period, but it is not mature enough, but because it has the advantages of simple operation, fast, bright and transparent, long retention period, etc., the market demand is large, and the popularization is fast, so it is exposed There are also many problems, most of which are operational details. I hope that everyone will treat them with care and timely feedback if there are problems, and solve them in time to further promote the maturity and perfection of the product. The manicurist must also master the standard and standard operations in the market operation Methods, continuous learning, and continuous improvement of skills.

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