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Common problems and causes of nail polish

928 2019-10-16

What is nail polish? Nail polish is a popular nail product in recent years. Compared with other nail polishes, it is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, healthy and safe, and has the common advantages of glue and refueling.

The classification of nail polish is as follows:

Solid color nail polish: like ordinary nail polish, it has many color choices

Sequined nail polish: nail polish with glitter beads

Fluorescent nail polish: it will be very glamorous and bright under ultraviolet light.

Luminous nail polish: will store light, bright at night, similar to light sticks

Snake-type nail polish: also known as bubble nail polish, the effect of the coating is like the texture of the snake

Cat eye gel: Like the cat's eyes, it changes with the light, it is as charming as the opal

Temperature change nail polish: The color of nail polish changes with temperature

RONIKI Color Changing Chameleon Cat Eye Gel

Reason for lifting:

1. Due to the incomplete cleaning of the real nails, the grease film of the nail surface is not cleaned, the dead skin is not completely trimmed, or the nail surface is continuously rubbed after the nail polish is applied.

2, different brands of nail polish mixed use, when making nail polish, We suggested to use the same brand from the base coat gel to the seal, to avoid the adverse effects caused by the mixed use of different brands, such as lifting.

3. Use a dry adhesive for crystal nails. Some manicurists used the dry adhesive used to make the diamond gel for the longer time on the nail surface. The result was counterproductive and the nail polish peeled off faster.

Reason for stratification:

1. No sealant of the same brand product is used;

2, no use of a removable sealable layer;

3, the front edge of the nail is not in place, leaving a small gap leading to air ingress;

4. After the color glue is illuminated, scrub with a cleaning solution, and then seal the layer. The color glue does not need to be scrubbed after illumination, and the direct coating layer will avoid delamination;

5. The color layer is too thick and the sealing layer is too thick.

Cause of discoloration:

1. The coating layer is too thick, and the sealing layer is applied once. If it is coated twice or more, the color will be color cast;

2. The lighting time of the sealing layer is too long, and the lighting time of the sealing layer is not more than 2 minutes. If the lighting time is too long, yellowing will occur.

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