Cat Eye Gel

RONIKI 5D Cat’s Eye Gel

Product Specification:

Brand: RONIKI 

Name: 5D Cat Eye Gel 

Color: 6 Color 

Service: OEM/ODM Available

Certificate: CPNP, GMP, FDA, MSDS, PIF

RONIKI 5D Cat’s Eye Gel

Cat's Eye Gel Size:15ml; Color: 166 colors

Cat's Eye Gel can be cured both in UV or LED Lamp, and a magnetic stick is necessary to make cat's eye effect.

Fully shake up the gel, it can make gel color be balanced(Important).

Normally suggest apply 2 layers of cat's eye gel, can apply one more layer if need.

After applying the final layer of magnetic gel, DO MOT CURE, and put magnet stick over nails for 10-15 seconds to get cat's eye effect, then immediately cure with lamp.

RONIKI 5D Cat’s Eye Gel

LED Cat Eye Gel wholesaler/agents are welcomed.  

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