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Can You Use a Regular Nail Polish With a Gel Top Coat

3,538 2021-04-02

One of the easiest ways to make your regular nail polish last longer and look shinier is to apply a layer of UV gel topcoat on it.

You see, UV gel top coatings are not easily damaged and are very resistant to peeling and chipping, making them very durable. This means that, depending on the brand you use, they can make your regular nail art last 10-14 days.



Can you use UV gel base coat on regular nail polish


Now, you should not use UV gel on top of regular nail polish. This is because regular nail polish does not adhere well to the gel base coat.

You see, the function of the base coat is to stick the nail polish on the nail bed like glue. However, because the chemical composition of gel-based coats is completely different from regular nail polish, they cannot be combined well.


How to apply gel top coat over regular polish


The first thing you need to do is to prepare your nails as usual,

I usually do this: push my cuticles back, file my nails, and then clean them with a cotton pad soaked in rubbing alcohol.

Next, apply your regular nail polish, as usual, I usually apply two thin coats of nail polish.

But before you apply the gel, you need to let the nail polish dry completely. I recommend letting the nail polish dry for 4-6 hours before applying the top coat.

If your nail polish is not completely dry before applying the gel, your nail polish will shrink and wrinkle.

Now, once your nail polish is dry, you can apply a thin layer of gel to the nail polish, just make sure you cover the edges of the nail polish

Finally, let it be cured under UV or Led lamp. Don't forget to wipe off the sticky layer with rubbing alcohol after curing.



Why use a gel topcoat with a regular nail polish


You see, gel nail polishes are amazing, they look good and very shiny. More importantly, they are super durable and can be used for a long time. Some brands can be used for 3 weeks without peeling, peeling or fading.

In contrast, regular nail polish and top coat are not so durable. Depending on the amount of your exercise, you can only last for 5-6 days on average.

But gel polishes also have some disadvantages. Gel polishes:

They are expensive compared with regular nail polish.

They don't have so many colors to choose from.

They are also more difficult to remove.


UV gel base coat and regular nail polish


I have seen some people recommend the gel sandwich technique, where you can sandwich regular nail polish between the gel base coat and the gel topcoat.

I have tried this method before, but the effect is not very good. My nails started to fall off after only 6 days. And when I only used a gel top coat and regular nail polish, I got it for two full weeks.

You see, the main function of the base coat is to form an adherent surface on the deck, allowing the nail polish to adhere to it.

Now, a gel base coat is designed according to the formula and is suitable for gel nail polish, not regular nail polish. This is why I suspect that the use of a gel base coat and regular nail polish will not work well.

So I suggest you apply a regular base coat or apply the regular nail polish directly on your nails.

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