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Can Nail Polish Cause Cancer?

688 2021-06-09

Can Nail Polish Cause Cancer?

The LED gel supplier answers your question: Nail polish is a kind of cosmetics that young women like very much. There are indeed some problems with nail polish.

Nail polish dye:

There are two types of nail polish dyes. One is organic dyes, such as Sudan red; the other is azo dyes, some of which are carcinogenic. In addition, some dyes also contain heavy metals. Generally speaking, most cosmetics contain heavy metals. For example, this brightener contains small amounts of mercury and lead. Some colored nail polishes also contain cadmium and chromium.

Nail polish solvent:

In order to facilitate the application, it is necessary to add to the nail polish. What's in the solvent? It's mainly a plasticizer, also known as a plasticizer. Adding a plasticizer to nail polish has two functions: one is to make the nail polish uniform and easy to apply; second, it is a fixing agent that can maintain the fragrance for a long time. However, plasticizers are carcinogens, and they affect our reproductive function.

Chemicals and carcinogenicity:

Generally speaking, chemical substances are harmful, but what do they have to do with our health?

There is a dose-effect relationship between them. The dosage of chemical substances needs to exceed a certain threshold to cause harm to our health.

First of all, the amount of nail polish applied to the nails is very small, and the nail polish will dry in a short time, and the amount of nail polish will be absorbed by the body. But please remember that although the absorbed amount is very small, a small part of it is actually inhaled into the human body, so it is necessary to stop using it when using nail polish.

In addition, most people have a misunderstanding: cancer is easy to get, as long as there is a little carcinogenic substance, it will cause cancer upon contact. In fact, we can understand that cancer is the rarest of all our diseases, and genetic mutations occur in our bodies all the time. If this mutation is a carcinogenic mutation, it will cause cancer in the future. But why don't some cancers happen? Because there are many layers of protection in our body.

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