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We are attending the 24th China beauty expo

767 2019-05-22

We are the custom Gel Polish china ,and we are attending the 24th China beauty expo.

Booth: E5E43

Time: 20th-22th May,2019

The 24th China beauty expo (Shanghai CBE) is being held in Shanghai pudong new international expo center on May 20, 2019. Shanghai CBE is the leading beauty industry trade event in Asia, and it is also the best choice for many professionals to explore the Chinese market and even the beauty industry in Asia. Shanghai CBE includes four major exhibitions -- cosmetics exhibition, professional beauty exhibition, daily chemical technology exhibition and raw material formula exhibition. It also links with chengdu beauty expo in a cross-regional way, and takes more than 10 touring exhibitions in many places of China and overseas countries to create a year-round in-depth publicity and global strategic layout.

China beauty expo aims to build hairdressing cosmetic industry and cover all categories of upstream and downstream industry segment trading platform, gather all channel buyers buyers and professional research and development and technical personnel, to provide information exchange, trade negotiations, industry solutions, such as one-stop service, held more than 60 professional BBS activities invited leading experts lead the industry trend.

custom Gel Polish china

custom Gel Polish china

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