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How to Apply Nail Polish Looks Better?

711 2020-04-25

DIY yourself manicure comparison heart plug is not know how to match the color, how to design a special shape, and their own painting is not evenly painted, just a variety of unsatisfactory. If you want to apply beautiful nail polish, come and learn from purple nail gel polish wholesaler!

Skill 1: Tips for evenly applying nail polish

Three strokes of magic. When applying nail polish, the bristles should be spread as far as possible. It should be applied from the bottom of the nail to the fingertips in one pass. It is best to apply the left and right sides first, then apply the middle, thinly apply 3 layers thicker than thick The two coats are better looking and easy to dry.

Skill 2: Nail polish color matching & shaping style

Girls who prefer monochrome nails may not have this kind of trouble, but girls who like to mix and match all kinds of colors have a headache. In fact, whether it is DIY nail art or wearing it, you need to learn some chromatics. Black and white, pink and pink, dark purple and light purple, these colors can be combined together. If you want something new, create stripes or light raindrops.

Skill 3: Full and long-lasting nail polish

You can choose nail polish with sequins or glitter, which is more durable than ordinary texture nail polish.

Nail polish color matching:

A girl who loves beauty must learn not only psychology but also chromatics. Mix and match nail polishes of different colors to create your summer colorful nail art! Let's take a look at how to match eye-catching nails specifically!

The black and white stripes are slightly blank, and the fashion is more artistic!

Applying black or white nail polish alone will feel a bit monotonous. You can try to match the two colors to create a black and white stripe form, which can strike a different feeling. Appropriate blank, which looks more artistic!

Yellow with green, youthful vitality is more eye-catching!

You can mix and match two colors of yellow and green nail polish, eye-catching explode! The yellow-green nail polish blends into stripes, or small dots, which looks energetic and cute! However, these two colors are highly saturated and are more suitable for fair-skinned or wheat-skinned beauties to try. The effect will be more eye-catching than ordinary red and black nail polish.

Lavender purple + light pink, delicate and sweet!

Purple nail gel polish, pink, these colors give a sweet impression, you can easily create an elegant and sweet style. You can mix and match these two colors of nail polish, or apply pink to your fingernails and lavender purple to your toes, or classic red nail gel polish.




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