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Do You Have to Apply Adhesive Before Applying Nail Polish?

957 2020-01-19

Gel raw material wholesaler analyzes for you: At present, the most popular nail raw material is nail polish, which is replacing traditional nail polish because of its durability, fast drying and easy handling. However, do you know how to apply nail polish and prevent it from falling off? Do I have to apply adhesive before applying primer?

1. Smooth the nail surface.

If not polished, the nails will be uneven, and the nail polish glue will fall off easily. So you need to use a sponge to polish the nail surface, so that the nail surface and the primer are combined more firmly. Called engraving.

2. Apply adhesive before applying primer.

The adhesive makes the nails drier by removing excess oil on the nail surface, so that the nail polish glue can be in closer contact with the nail surface, and it is more difficult to fall off. If the nails of the guests are oily nails, this must be applied.

3. The primer must be very small.

4. The general practice of nail polish is to apply it twice in solid color and three times in light and transparent colors so that there will be no wrinkles.

5. The sealing layer should not be too much or too small.

Less or more coating will not be bright.

6. Wash the sealant's diamond gel in sufficient quantity.

The amount of cleaning liquid must be well controlled, and the surface floating glue is removed to clean it, so that the sealant does not easily crack, and the nails will be brighter and more beautiful ~


7. Avoid mixing different brands.

Different brands of nail polishes have different ingredients. If they are mixed, they may cause mutual repulsion and fall off. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid using different brands of nail polishes or primer sealers.

8, baking time

The baking lamp time is strictly operated in accordance with product performance requirements. Long baking lamp time can easily dry the floating glue on the surface of the nail polish and affect the durability of the glue and cause it to fall off.

5. What causes it to shrink?

(1) Polishing is not in place. As a result, the surface of the nail is too smooth, and the adhesion is reduced. Pay special attention to the trailing edge of the nail when polishing, these delicate places on both sides of the nail groove, and the leading edge of the nail is also very important. It is easy to fall off if it is not polished, so it must be polished to make the surface rough;

(2) Applying too much nail polish is too thick. Remember to brush the glue down. When applying nail polish, be sure to apply it thinly and apply it twice.

(3) Get oily. The adhesion of external oils to the nail surface can easily lead to gel shrinkage. For example, when customers make nails, their fingers accidentally touch the nail surface that has just been polished.

(4) Cleaning is not in place. The nail surface is not cleaned carefully enough, the grease film on the surface is not thoroughly cleaned, or the real nail is not protected after cleaning, and the nail surface is constantly touched;

6. Want long-lasting manicure ~ The correct posture is to polish the nails and clean up the binding agent again. The binding agent is also called desiccant, balance fluid, which is used to balance the nail oil and make the primer more integrated with the nail.

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