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[Gel polish for sale]Take you to know gel polish – waterborne gel polish

857 2019-05-27

Take you to know gel polish - waterborne gel polish

Water-based gel polish supplied by custom Gel Polish china, or called"removable gel polish" as the fairies call it, dissolves in water and USES water-soluble materials such as film forming agents and pigments. It is a type of gel polish that has only been popular for the past five years. The reason why it is so popular is that the little fairies who love beauty are really easy to get bored with new things when it comes to nails. With this nail polish glue, you can use special nail remover solution to remove it without any trouble.

custom Gel Polish china

custom Gel Polish china

The advantages and disadvantages of water-based gel polish are obvious. The advantages are that this kind of nail polish glue does not have the pungent smell of traditional nail polish glue, and even has a light fragrance because of the added essence. Moreover, it can be torn off completely after drying, which is convenient and quick. Drawback is glue of this kind of armour oil lasting is poor, sometimes the likelihood just besmeared good color, those who wash bath is become warping by blister, and tear pull a kind of harm to fingernail itself, glue of armour oil still can take a fingernail surface layer, use fingernail to be able to become flimsy and easy to break for long.

Usage suggestion: although water-based gel polish has no pungent smell, but the addition of essence means there is a risk of sensitization, so it is not recommended to choose the little fairy who is prone to allergy. In addition, many novice fairies will not wrap the edge when applying gel polish, resulting in worse durability of water-based gel polish. Repeated application and tearing will cause a vicious cycle. Of course, if the fairies are still curious to try it out, it might be better to use it occasionally, or apply it after mastering the wrapping technique.

That's all for the sharing,and we supply Watery Color Gel Polish for sale, if you have any demand for our products,just feel free to contact us.

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