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How to discharge the nail oil glue of manicure?

859 2019-05-06

How does light cure manicure discharge? Most people's phototherapy manicure is done in the nail shop, the characteristics of phototherapy manicure is not easy to drop, so, generally go back to the nail shop to remove, today Custom Gel Polish China will tell you how to remove their own phototherapy manicure!

The detachable

If it is removable, it can be wrapped with nail polish remover tin foil or wrapped for 10 minutes with the nail polish remover package currently sold online

Specific steps:

Tips: if you cannot remove nail polish with nail polish remover, you should go to nail salon to remove it with special liquid. Almighty taobao can buy special nail remover.

Custom Gel Polish China

Custom Gel Polish China

STEP1: dip right amount to discharge armour water with make up cotton first, dosage can some more, wrap whole fingernail in make up cotton.

STEP2: wrapping finger completely with tinfoil, come so, more conduce to the armour oil on finger thorough discharge comes off!

STEP3: after waiting for a few minutes, make up foil and cotton eliminate, reoccupy wen shui immerses finger 5 minutes, conduce to wash the bilge that remains on fingernail.

STEP4: with make up cotton wipes finger clean, daub oil of a nutrition for fingernail finally (protect armour oil).

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