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Properties of nail polish glue

1,286 2019-04-23

Properties of nail polish glue

Due to its special characteristics, Custom Gel Polish China Manufacturer shares that nail polish glue is more durable than ordinary nail polish, easier to operate, and more convenient and diversified in nail design. The most important one is, the ladies that love manicure are in brush on armour oil glue hind, need to shine on the light only 1 minutes or so to already was completely dry completely, can use both hands to do any thing right away, need not besmear good armour oil as before to still stretch 10 fingers to wait for it to be done slowly again, for fear of accidentally touch was damaged and forehand work is wasted.

Sensory physicochemical index

1. Appearance: sticky body

2. Odor: conforming to the regulations

3. Viscosity range: excellent

4. Drying time: 5 minutes

5. Strong degree: three days without shedding heat-resistant] : 42 b b]]]] ℃ + / - 1 ℃ stratification, become loose, discoloration phenomenon b] hardy:] - 5 b] ℃ + / - 1 ℃ restored at room temperature without delamination, thinned, become angry phenomenon

Test standard

After phototherapy lamp illuminates the lamp 3 minutes to want to be completely dry thoroughly, color is opposite edition, do not become yellow, do not shrink and wrinkle, have glossiness (need not besmear sealing a layer) without exciting flavour.

In 2013, the removable nail oil glue was born, and there is no need to remove the nail. Zero damage, non-toxic, harmless and odorless. Disrupting the traditional nail market.

Custom Gel Polish China

Custom Gel Polish China

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