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Why Must the Nails Be Removed after Finishing the Nail Art?

1,346 2020-08-29

Many girls have the habit of doing nail art but never remove it. They don't understand why the nail salons need to charge for the removal of armor. The most important thing is not cheap, so they can cut it short or cut it out.

Many people don’t know that it’s not a good thing to keep Gel Polish on your hands for a long time. Not only will it cause inconvenience in life, but it may also endanger the health of nails. Today we will understand why we must go to the nail salon to remove the nails regularly:

1. Several excuses for not disarming

If my nails grow quietly, I won't remove it~

Some beauties don't have the habit of nail art and don't often go to nail salons. They get a nail on a whim, and they don't have the consciousness to remove it.

Some beauties have finally made a style that they like, and are reluctant to get rid of it, worrying that it will be difficult to do so next time.

Some beauties are not willing to remove them because they put expensive accessories on them, and all they remove are money (boss, can you return the removed diamonds to me and use them next time), so they are reluctant to remove them. Earn more.

There are even more beauties who think it's incredible that the nail salon needs money for removing their nails, so they want to save this money, "It's the same if you cut it out by yourself anyway!"


Gel Polish

2. Why do you want to remove armor

Nail removal is really not a sense of ritual, but for the protection of one's own nails. If the nail is kept on the hand for too long, there will be some undesirable consequences:

1. Nail uplift

Usually, the nail is kept in the hands of the customer for about a month, and the nail will not be so strong after a long time. At this time, there will be warping and falling off. After the nail is turned up, it will hook up the clothes and hair, which makes people want to pick it out from time to time. It is unwilling not to remove the entire nail. The consequences of picking nails with bare hands are very serious:

(1) Picking nails can easily cause nail damage

The nail is composed of multiple layers of keratin. The polished nail surface and the nail polish glue are very tightly bonded. If you force it off, it is easy to damage the nail surface structure, resulting in nail delamination, making the nail thin and brittle.

(2) Will trigger a series of chain reactions

I used my right hand to dig my left hand, and I cut a gap in the nail polish on the nail of my right hand, and I had to use my left hand to dig my right hand when he was cured.

2. Create gaps and cause bacterial infections

If the nail has been on the nail for a long time, the combination with the nail itself will not be as strong as when it was just finished, and there may be some small gaps. For example, if the edging is worn, you can directly see the layering of the nail and the nail polish layer. At this time, this armor is even more dangerous, why?

In the "between" formed by the nail surface and the nail polish layer, various things will be stocked, such as the water used to wash the dishes when doing housework, the soup when eating crayfish... so that the surface of the nail is in the same position. In a complex and humid environment, bacterial and fungal infections can easily occur.

Our common nail surface is blue or green after nail removal, which means that the nail is a little moldy. So in many cases, it is not the nail art itself that causes damage to the nails, but the incorrect nail habit.

3. Long nails are easy to break

If the nails are too long, it may be inconvenient in all aspects of life. Picking up a coin or typing on a keyboard feels uneasy. In addition, it may be broken due to staying too long or even hurt the nail bed.

The stress points of the nail are on the A and B points and the free edge. After the nails are long (change), if you do some hard work on the nails, you will feel that the nails will not be able to bear it. Here we need an example to explain to everyone: our nail bed, AB two points, and free edge support the nails. Like a ruler beside a table, the tabletop is equivalent to a nail bed, and the edge of the table is a free edge.

If the nail is short, there is strong support in all aspects, and the deformation of the nail after the force is within an acceptable range, so it will not be folded.

But when the nail is long, the deformation will increase with the same force. Once it exceeds the acceptable range of the nail, the nail will fold.

4. Free edge retreat

As mentioned above, when the nail grows, it will bring more burden to the nail bed, AB two points, and the free edge. The most obvious feature is that the free edge quietly retreats and shrinks. I originally wanted to be able to get it through nail art. Raising the nail bed was counterproductive.

Some beautiful women find that the free edge is not so smooth after removing their nails. It feels a bit like empty nails but not empty nails. At this time, you can consider whether your nails are too long and the free edge is caused by excessive daily load?

5. The thickness difference makes the back edge of the nail curl up

One month after the nail was done, it was very obvious that there was a big gap between the back edge of the nail and the back edge of the nail. At this time, the thickness difference between the real nail and the back edge of the nail polish can also be found from the side.

At this time, if you encounter a strong external force or accidentally bump into it, it may separate the back edge of the nail polish from the armor, and the gap between the two will become a place to hide dirt and mold over time.

3. Can't I cut it out by myself without going to the nail shop?

Some people will definitely think that nail art is not good if it grows longer, so I cut it short at home, isn't it all right? Is this really ok?

1. Without edging, it is easy to produce cracks to breed bacteria

When doing nail art, the manicurist will lift your finger and apply nail polish to the fingertips. This is the edging. The edging is not only for aesthetics, but also allows a completely enclosed space between the nail polish and the nail surface. Avoid embedding dirt from the outside world.

If the nails are cut by themselves after they grow long, the manicure will have no edging and will form a cross-section of the fault with the nail. If the nail polish is not firmly combined with the nail surface, cracks will be created, dirt and moisture will accumulate, which will endanger the health of the nails.

2. The edges of the nails after cutting are jagged, causing hand peeling

If you use nail clippers to cut off part of your nails, the edges of your nails will be frizzy. Because nail polish is not as tough as its own nails, it is harder and more brittle. Therefore, the edges will be uneven after you cut them, and there is no way to smooth them by sanding, and the frizzy edges will make you want to pick it up.

3. The nail polish glue on the rear edge stays on the nail for too long

Cutting off the long (zhang) and long (chang) nails by yourself is actually more convenient in daily life, and does not completely guarantee the health of the nails: the nail polish that remains on the nail bed is still on the nails, and all kinds of loosening and falling off The problem of warping will still occur, do you think about it, right?

Having said so many principles above, have you also learned a lot about armor removal? We are Three Step Gel china Wholesaler. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

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