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Gel Polish: How To Maintain Healthy Nails

Published by 2021-09-16

RONIKI Nail Gel   Gel polish is loved by many girls because of the variety of gel polish that makes hands look attractive. However, girls are also plagued with nail health problems. Regular u...

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What Is Nail Extension?

Published by 2021-09-01

      RONIKI Acryl Gel Nail extensions are basically false nails. This is a fashionable accessory worn on the nails. Even if your nails are short, you can do nail extensions because the nail extens...

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What Exactly Is a Gel Manicure?

Published by 2021-08-23

What exactly is a gel manicure? The gel polish is composed of acrylic monomers and oligomers, which are combined under ultraviolet radiation. This process is called curing, and within a few seconds...

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Care And Maintenance Tips Of Nail Extensions

Published by 2021-08-18

Care And Maintenance Tips Of Nail Extensions Considering that you have invested a lot of time and money in your nails, nail care is also very important. In addition, not taking good care of your na...

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