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Care And Maintenance Tips of Nail Extensions

1,526 2023-08-22

Care And Maintenance Tips Of Nail Extensions

Considering that you have invested a lot of time and money in your nails, nail care is also very important. In addition, not taking good care of your nails will damage your natural nails.

I would like to share some suggestions with you, these suggestions will help with aftercare and maintenance of nail extensions:

ㆍAvoid biting, peeling, or scratching nails, as this may change the structure of your nails or mess up your nail extensions.

ㆍWhen you work with harsh chemicals (such as detergent), wear rubber gloves to protect your nails.

ㆍMake it a daily routine to moisturize your hands and nourish your cuticles with cuticle oil



ㆍAvoid using nail extensions as tools

ㆍBe sure to follow up at the nail salon to fill, polish, and trim your natural nails.

ㆍIf the nail extension is damaged or is lifting, please contact the manicurist immediately.

ㆍDry your hands thoroughly and moisturize your hands and cuticles as often as possible.

ㆍBe careful under an open flame or high temperature, as this may cause the melting of the nail extension.

ㆍApply a layer of primer before applying nail polish to prevent staining of gel nail extensions

ㆍDo not use acetone-based nail polish remover because it may dissolve the nails.

Remember: You can always have fun with your nails. Even if you have already got a specific nail art from the salon, you can try something new and the same technique before it becomes boring. Simply use nail polish remover (without acetone) to remove your nails and get creative on your blank canvas!


Simple steps to remove nail extensions at home


Ideally, nail extensions must be removed by a manicurist who has painted nails. However, for acrylic nail extensions, the process of removing the nail extensions is as simple as applying nail polish. As long as you have enough time and patience, you can take out your nails at home.


Nail extension


The process of removing long nail extensions is called soaking and can be done as follows:

Step 1: Find a large glass bowl, you can comfortably dip your hand in it, and fill it with acetone-based nail polish remover.

Step 2: If your nail extensions are very long, cut them to your fingertips.

Step 3: Apply a layer of petroleum jelly on the fingers and stratum corneum to reduce the dehydration effect of acetone on the skin.

Step 4: Dip your hands in the bowl and let it stay in the nail polish remover for 15 to 30 minutes, or until all the layers on the nails are completely peeled off. To assist in the removal of layers, you can also use a cloth dipped in acetone.

Step 5: Once all the layers are out, remove your hands from the liquid and wipe dry. Moisturize your fingers, cuticles, and hands that are soaked. If necessary, you can trim and file your nails. Gently buff your natural nails to remove any residue.

Important note: During the nail extension process, you should not try to remove the nail or residual product. Let everything dissolve and fall off by itself. Attempting to expedite the process by manual removal can cause great damage to your natural nails and nail bed.


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